62. Starting over with Instagram

I’ve been considering completely purging my Instagram photos for quite some time, but today I finally did the deed. It took me about two hours to completely remove all of my almost 500 images.

I didn’t do this because I hated my photos or didn’t want people to see them any longer. Instead, I did it because I wanted to start fresh; almost like adding a new paragraph to this new chapter in my life of turning 30 last month.

I’m not sure when I’ll start posting again, but I do know that it will not be until I have figured out a theme – or better yet, a direction – for my account. I will probably change my account name. My current name is one that I have used since the late-1990s, so it’s time to re-imagine myself and my online presence.

I have some quirky little ideas about what to do with it moving forward, but only time will tell what I decide on. And who knows, I may even start another account to feature things that people don’t know about me. And if I do, I certainly won’t tell people I’m the person behind it.

61. Some weird dreams lately

I’m trying to do my best to keep up with my blog and post regularly, even if I don’t have too much to talk about. This is what made my original blog interesting, but it’s funny how your writing style develops over the years (for the better) and then it actually becomes harder to write how you used to before. It’s like you have to re-learn how to write less professionally and just talk about random daily things.

One show that I didn’t even realize was coming on TV this Summer is ‘Scream’ the TV series. I was channel surfing the other night and I came by it. I was pleasantly surprised by what little I was able to watch between laundry, homework and other chores that I was behind on due to my recent vacation. Luckily, there were some reruns again this evening and I was able to catch up through the third episode. The next new episode is Tuesday night, so I’m going to make it a point to keep watching (if I remember) as I actually find it intriguing. The characters are very similar to the movie and the acting is slightly better, in my opinion. The only thing that kind of annoys me is the fact that the actors are made to look like your typical 90s high school teens. I haven’t paid close enough attention to find out if the time period is set in the 90s or not, but my guess is no. I just wish they had chosen unique actors with different looks and not those who look almost identical to the original cast of the first movie.

Another thing I wanted to mention is the fact that I’ve been having some really weird, but vivid, dreams as of late. The last three or four nights have been ridiculous. Normally, I’ll go to bed around Midnight on a work night and sleep through until 7:15 AM when my alarm goes off. But over these last few days I’ve been waking up routinely about three hours before my alarm after having a bizarre dream and I’ll be wide awake and alert. Two nights ago was probably the most impactful dream, because it’s the only one I remember in its entirety still, although it’s short. Basically, it went like this:

I was standing on the sidewalk outside of a large building, but to get to the other side and into the building I had to walk across a multi-lane one-way street inside of a road tunnel. It’s my guess that this place was an airport, only because it’s very reminiscent of the tunnel outside of the Orlando airport and the setup is almost identical – and I was just recently there.

I started walking across the street when I stopped, looked to my right towards the entrance of the tunnel, and I saw a white pickup truck crash at full speed into the back of the vehicle in front of it. As I started toward the accident scene, I noticed that the windows were all shattered and the engine was smoking and steaming from the fluids hitting the hot parts of it.

Once I reached the scene, a woman in a white security guard uniform stepped out of the truck that had caused the incident. She appeared slightly disoriented but I don’t know if she was injured or not.

It was here that the dream ended and I woke up. I haven’t forgotten any of it yet, so this one will be around for a while.

60. This and that

I’m winding down the last couple of weeks of the term and then I’ll have a few weeks off before the start of the next term on August 17th. Our classes are basically self-paced each week, as long as you submit the required material by their due dates, typically Thursdays and Sundays. Since the majority of our writings and essays were completed last week, all I really have left to do in both of my classes is to study for the final exams and complete the required discussion postings. I’m pretty stoked that it’s all coming to an end in March when I graduate.

Last week I was having some computer issues at work and it prevented me from getting most of my work done. They finally came to fix it on Friday and this week I’ve been motoring along trying to get my work caught up both from my leave/vacation and from my computer being down. The good thing is that most of my work is the same from month-to-month, and most of the due dates are set by me anyway, so it’s not a big deal. Everything is mostly caught up now except for a couple of minor things that I’ll finish up tomorrow when I go in.

The heat has definitely settled in for the Summer. It seems like it may have come a little later this year than in years past, but I don’t know, it could just be me. Typical Summers down here in Southern Georgia mean hot days with afternoon showers, but they only last about an hour or less and then the evenings are usually beautiful and you would never even know we had a storm. Every single day is like that until the Fall comes around.

Not much happened today aside from work. Just watching some YouTube videos right now. I took a nap earlier and then showered, so that’s about the extent of my night!

59. Way too much homework

The vacation that I went on last week didn’t do me much good as far as all of the homework I had to complete and turn in this week. Between both of my classes, I typed (and retyped a rough draft) about 25 pages worth of essays over the last several days and turned them in today. My brain is just about cooked.

After this week, the coursework will be more manageable as we are down to the last two weeks of the term and all that’s really left is to study and take the final exams. Bring ’em on! My next term won’t start until mid-August, so that’ll be a nice little break.

58. Come here instead…

Sometimes it really disappoints me that people always ask when I’m coming home to visit. I think just once it would be nice for someone (including certain family) to instead ask, “when can I come visit YOU?” I’ve been home 10-12 times since I first left in 2008. I think I deserve to be selfish for just one time.

57. Photos From Florida!

The beautiful sunset over Downtown Daytona Beach from the third level of Daytona International Speedway.

Another edited version of the sunset over Daytona.

Tia poolside!

The gorgeous poolside and lakeside view of Downtown Kissimmee from the Wyndham Cypress Palms timeshare resort.

56. (Late) Florida Birthday Trip

I usually go on a trip every year on or around my Birthday, and this year was no different – it just wasn’t as far!

A couple of months ago I purchased tickets for my friend Tia and I to go to Daytona for the Coke Zero 400 and the Firecracker 250 NASCAR events at Daytona International Speedway. The races were held on July 4th and July 5th, but since we had an entire week to kill down there, we made the best of it for sure.

The week started off by picking Tia up from the Orlando airport. I drove down like normal and left Josie here at the apartment for the week. She does really well by herself, so I feel really comfortable letting her do that from time-to-time. I’m sure she likes the time away from bossy Mr. Kyle…

The next day, Tuesday, we went to Downtown Disney after we enjoyed a nice Cracker Barrel breakfast and picked up a Geocache. She doesn’t technically have a Geocaching account, but I showed her the ropes and hopefully she’ll create an account and get out there and try some on her own one day! We wandered around for a while and hit up some of the shops at Disney. We spent some time at the pool when we returned to the condo and it was nice and relaxing. Not much else to say about it – it was a hot, but good, day.

Wednesday we attempted to go to the Orlando Science Center. That was a mistake! It appears that the center is targeted towards children, so we were completely out of our element and bored to death. We stayed for about 30-45 minutes and then left. Complete waste of time and money, but live and learn I guess. When we left, we went to the Orlando Premium Outlets and spent some time window shopping and having a nice Italian meal. We then went to Bloomingdale’s to pick out some new fragrances. It was a wonderful side trip and we had fun together while we were there.

On Thursday we went to Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Theater and had a blast! There was a magician opening the show and I was called up on stage to help for his first act. Another person tried calling me up to help again but he wouldn’t let me since I had already done it once. The show lasted about 45 minutes and then we went over to the banquet hall for the mystery dinner. What a great time, I wish it hadn’t ended! It was a classic “whodunit” show, complete with a three-course meal and unlimited wine. The actors were superb. I would love to go back for another show soon!

Friday was another quiet day, but we still had some wine and enjoyed each other’s company at the condo. We were planning to go swimming again but the showers just wouldn’t let up. Oh well, it would have been nice. It turned out to be the quietest day by far.

Saturday and Sunday were both race days. They both started late during rain but each one ended up being held on the intended night after the rain stopped and the track was dried. There was a terrible crash during the final lap of the Coke Zero 400 in which Austin Dillon’s car flew over the pack and into the fence in front of where we were sitting in the stadium. The crash was just terrible, but the drivers were okay. Several people were affected in the stands but none majorly injured, so what a relief! It was Tia’s first time at a NASCAR race, so she definitely had the experience of a lifetime that night.

We also saw Terminator: Genisys during the week. It was okay, but I could have lived without the multitude of terrible one-liners they threw in for humor. The Terminator was never about humor, so I wish they had stayed that course. All-in-all it was a solid 4 out of 5 stars, I enjoyed it a lot.

Tia left on Monday after spending exactly a week with me. We had an action-packed time and left almost no room for relaxation, but that’s how I like my vacations anyway. I tend to get restless and anxious to do things when I have too much down time on my hands.

There’s something about Orlando that draws me in, and it’s just so perfect. I would totally live there if I could, but I wouldn’t survive too long between the partying and the nightlife and everything else there is to do. It really is a place where you need to have the willpower to refrain from going to visit often for fear that it will take over your life and not let you go. It’s a magical place and a curse all at once, but I made a great decision to make it my second (or technically, third) home.

54. Sunday Night Confessions

I am the type to constantly remind my friends and significant others of their promises in an effort to force them to follow through so I don’t get hurt by their broken ones.

A girl that I really like promised me on Wednesday – four days ago – that she would call me by tonight before I left on vacation in the morning. Instead of reminding her, I decided to trust that she would do as she promised. I was really, really looking forward to her call so much that it gave me butterflies thinking about it.

She forgot.